Dental Hygienist

Full time RDH with Nitrous and anesthesia license to work in a fun patient centered dental practice.
  1. take digital x-rays
  2. Clean, sharpen, and sterilize instruments
  3. Complete periodontal charting once per year for every patient
  4. use intra-oral camera to help patients understand their dental condition
  5. Educate patients on how to improve their oral health to keep their teeth for a lifetime
  6. Participate and offer ideas in team meetings to help improve our service to our patients
  7. build relationships with each patient family and treat them all like they are are family
  8. Inform our patients on what treatment is needed and help them make an appointment to complete their care

Join a dental team who treats each other and our patients like family. This is not a fast paced office rather we focus on quality care and giving each patient the amount of time needed to really take care of them.

Don't Be Fooled

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